Information for Recruits

The Sudbury Ancient Fyfe and Drum Companie is open to anyone over ten years of age; new members are recruited each fall. During the winter months, after the Colonial Faire and Muster, instruction is provided free of charge to those who are willing to commit themselves to learning.

The only initial cost is for a plastic fife or a pair of suitable drumsticks and a practice pad. The Companie will provide a drum for recruits when they qualify for regular membership. The time commitment for a recruit is for a weekly lesson and regular individual home practice. We meet for a weekly practice on Wednesday nights, at which instruction is scheduled at 7:00, followed by sectional practice for intermediate and advanced musicians at 7:40, and full Corps practice at 8:20. Beginners are free to leave after their lesson but are, of course, welcome to stay and observe the rest of the practice.

Sheet music is available at our web site,, as well as at practices. The "Acorn Book," also available in the music section of the website, includes an introduction to the instruments and a selection of beginning tunes.

Recruits are accepted into the regular membership after mastering ten tunes and are then welcome to parade with the Companie at all events. At that time, of course, there will be the cost of Colonial clothing. That cost varies widely, depending on one’s taste, and whether there are any family members who are tailors.

After the annual march to Concord, plus a week to let the blisters heal, the regular members practice outdoors each Wednesday evening at the Wayside Inn for the summer, where they add to the colonial atmosphere and provide entertainment for visitors from all over the world. Winter practices are held at the Ephraim Curtis Middle School.

TO JOIN or to get more information: Please contact Drum Sergeant Deirdre Sweeney (email or Fyfemaster Deb Donovan (email