(not to be forgotten)

Note: Officers deal with gigs, agencies, the Commonwealth, etc. Please remember: the address of the SAFD is Box 93, Sudbury, MA 01776. You may think that your home address will be more convenient for you, but you won't always be in charge and communication will be interrupted in the years to come if you don't use the Sudbury box as the official contact address.

  • aprile
    • prepare federal income tax filing
           due only when forms sent; like every 5 years
    • prepare mass public charities report
      • needs fed form 990EZ
    • 19th
      • our big march
      • nearest comercial monday ("their" march)
  • may
    • company of f&d membership renewal
    • 15th
      • file federal income tax, form 990-EZ
      • file mass public charities report
             filing fee of $35
             payable to commonwealth of massachusetts
             mail to:
                  Division of Public Charities
                  One Ashburton Place. Room 1413
                  Boston, MA 02108
    • last commercial monday: memorial day
  • june
    • schedule use of school for next year
      (october through aprile)
  • july
    • 1st: post office box 93 rent due
    • 4th: independence day
    • third saturday, deep river muster
  • august
    • cfd individual company memberships
    • hold muster/faire meeting
    • fourth saturday, westbrook muster
  • september
    • 1st: order booze for fair
           (2 halves irish red, 2 halves amber woodchuck)
    • first wednesday after labor day
      • annual meeting of safd corporation
      • elect officers (if appropriate)
    • next to last saturday, faire setup
    • last saturday, our muster
    • sunday following, faire cleanup
  • october
    • prepare mass corporation annual report
           617-727-9440 (general info)
  (forms, or online filing)
  • november
    • 1st
      • file mass corporation annual report
      • mail to:
             Secretary of the Commonwealth
             Att: Annual Report -- AR180
             One Ashburton Place. Room 1711
             Boston, MA 02108
      • filing fee of $15
      • payable to commonwealth of massachusetts
    • first wednesday
      • enjoy annual dinner
      • schedule next year's dinner